Influences – Rembrand

Rembrandt’s pen drawings of the Dutch landscape, his figure
drawings and his studies of shells have been a great source of pleasure.
As a child I saw one of his portraits in the National Gallery of Victoria
and I think this gave me the attentiveness to observe faces and look at
portraits. In 1986 I started doing portraits in a retirement village in
Nelson Bay. My first portraits of older people helped me learn about
the subject as there was no posing or faking the appearance. It was true
life with no pretense. This was when I first experienced the privilege
of being really attentive to each person. As I explored the uniqueness
in them through the shadows and tiny subtleties made by a life-time of
experiences, I found that books of Rembrandt’s works were a constant
source of inspiration as he was a true master at uncovering the truth,
frailty and unique beauty in the human face.

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