Influences – Lloyd Rees

Lloyd Rees’ drawings illustrate what he says about drawing – “Good drawing
is expressive drawing. It reveals what the artist is thinking and feeling
concerning his subject and a creation separate and apart from the
subject which inspired it. In the hands of a master a line may be a
living vibrant thing throughout its entire length, suggesting and
emphasising by its character the form movement and texture of the
object it duplicated”.

I like the fact that Rees went back to the same places time again. He
really absorbed a place. You can see this in his work. For the last ten
years I’ve been living in Newcastle, I’ve been drawing the local built
environment as it changes and reinvents itself. It’s a city of contrasts –
heavy industry adjacent to both pristine beaches and rural landscape,
with new structures going up alongside some of the finest 19th century
architecture left in NSW.

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