Influences – David Hockney

David Hockney
His simple line drawings show his skill in choosing the right medium
for each person, gritty pen lines or soft charcoal. He believes the
portrait should always be done in the presence of the sitter. Also that
it is important to have recourse to information gathered from past
experience in conjunction with the evidence of the moment. His
portraits reflect a personal intimate side of his art as their subjects are
almost always friends and family. I have made many drawings of my
family including some of my sister when she was very ill. Working as
artist-in-residence at John Hunter Hospital in the Neo-natal Intensive
Care Unit and drawing the tiny babies there was one of the highlights
of my art practice. Working at the Hospital extended and intensified
my desire to use portrait drawing as a tool in the Arts-for-Health
program because it’s a way of honoring a person whatever
circumstances they find themselves in.

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