Influences – Clarice Beckett

Her life story inspires me as she just kept going despite the difficulty
of looking after elderly parents and not having any critical success..
“Any one of Clarice Beckett’s paintings “ache with feelings” and,
unusually for her time, she painted hard objects of speed – cars, buses,
motor cycles. Yet she painted in a languid manner which speaks of the
still-undisclosed fluidity of the fourth dimension. Her work is always
of a particular time and place and captures the memory and the essence
of a time and era now past. With her dreamy, heavily atmospheric
style, she has left us not merely a record of Beaumaris, Port Phillip
Bay – where she lived and painted – but also captured a particular hour
on a particular day that would never be repeated. I am interested in
transience and the moment things have their time before they fade.

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