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Vivienne Nelson is a trained art teaches who has taught in local and international schools for a number of years, she has also taught private lessons and small classes.

Vivienne has pursued many artiest mediums including potting, painting and drawing. She believes drawing is foundational to much art practice.

Most people believe they have not got the ‘gift’ for drawing. Nothing could be further from the truth as drawing is a learned skill that can be taught and learned within a relatively limited time span.

Vivienne has structured 6 week learning to draw classes that will show a student the fundamentals to drawing and give them confidence to trust in their abilities that we all naturally posses.

Drawing is taught using a proven and very successful drawing approach. Vivienne uses the Betty Edwards method which is described as Drawing on the right side of the brain. This approach uses our more lesser used parts of the brain that deals not in numbers and words but in space and proportion.

Art lessons Newcastle is taught from Vivienne’s studio in Mayfield Newcastle where she teaches a great way to learn about art and how to see art – starting with six week drawing course.

To find out about booking a six week course or to find out more about drawing on the right side of the brain you can contact Vivienne below:

To read more about Vivienne’s drawing classes and to see some links and courses click here.

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