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Drawing Classes, Newcastle NSW Australia, is offered by Artist Vivienne Nelson, Find out more or book by calling Vivienne on 0249-680-375
Vivienne is a trained Art Teacher and Artist with many years of Teaching experience, both locally and overseas. She believes drawing is foundational to much art practice, and she has therefore developed courses in 6-week blocks for both adults and children.

Rembrandt - Artist Father

Rembrandt - Artist Father

Want to see what Vivienne is Drawing and thinking this week? View her latest news page here:
Last Post was made on: Wednesday 25th March 2009. The five basic skills in learning to draw at a basic level.

Vivienne teaches each lesson on the ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’ style of teaching that is from artist Betty Edwards. Read the theory here.
Want to start lessons or find out some more info?
Vivienne can be contacted here via email – or call her on 0249-680-375

Selected Artworks
Here are some works of Viviennes, mostly from around Newcastle NSW where she lives and works in her studio. See artists studio here

Latest Works – 2008

rooftops-newcastle-23april01.jpg house-grass-newcastle23apri.jpg stocktonbridge-newcastle-29.jpg stockton-2may091.jpg dixonpark-23april08.jpg stonleyhouse-9april08.jpg stockton-view2-29march08.jpg p-flowers-pen-19march08.jpg

Bamboo Pen Drawings
See More Bamboo Pen Drawings

pen-ink-harbour-palms.jpg pen-ink-leaves.jpg pen-ink-native-flowers.jpg newcastle-harbour-trees.jpg bush-pen-ink-30march08.jpg

Pasha BulkerClick here to see more artworks of Boats

Pasha Bulka pasha-bulka-back-view.jpg pasha-bulka-pilla.jpg pasha-bluka-boat-front.jpg

Nobbys Beach, Newcastle – Click here to see more Landscape artwork


Newcastle Hospital - Click here to see more Landscape artwork

old-newcastle-hostpital-pat.jpg old-newcastle-hostpital.jpg pen-ink-newcastle-hospital.jpg torn-hospital.jpg newcastle-beaach-from-pool.jpg royal-newcastle-hospital-301.jpg newcastlehospital-19march08.jpg

Newcastle Harbour - Click here to see more Landscape artwork
newcastle-harbour-hill.jpg newcastle-harbour-east.jpg newcastle-harbour-industry.jpg newcastle-harbour-island.jpg newcastle-harbour-trees.jpg newcastle-harbour-with-boat.jpg newcastle-pen-harbour.jpg
newcastle-rain.jpg red-boye.jpg crains.jpgdeconstruction.jpg two-red-harbour-houses.jpg stockton-view-29march08.jpg industry-2-may08.jpg stockton-view2-29march08.jpg

Newcastle Swimming Baths - Click here to see more Landscape artwork


Dixon Park NSW


Newcastle, NSW - Click here to see more Landscape artwork

mayfield.jpg newcastle-horizon.jpg newqcastle-beach-hills.jpg old-war-implacements.jpg original-harbour-walves.jpg stockton-beach.jpg landscape-9april08.jpg river-9-april08.jpg

Newcastle Buildings - Click here to see more Landscape artwork

hamiltion-station-bridge.jpg heritage-house-newcastle.jpg narrow-shop.jpg signal-box-hamilton.jpg signal-house.jpg

Still Life – Click here to see more Still Life Artwork


Flowers – Click here to see more Flower artwork

eucopytus-blossom.jpg hybiscos-pick-delicate.jpg multiple-frangipani.jpg large-red-flower-background.jpg blue-flowers-yellow-backgro.jpg pen-ink-native-flowers.jpg pink-hybiscos.jpg poppies.jpg purplpe-flowers-yellow-back.jpg red-flower-blue-background.jpg sunflower-basket.jpg watercolour-flower.jpg yellow-blue-flowers.jpg y-flowers-pen-18march08.jpg p-flowers-pen-19march08.jpg p-flowers-pen-18march08.jpg

BoatsClick Here to see more artworks of Boats
3boats.jpg lined-up-boats.jpg multimedia-boats.jpg stils-boats.jpg tug-boat.jpg two-bosts-tired-up.jpg

Artists Studio

artisits-studio.jpg artists-pens-flower.jpg fish-mobile.jpg

Vivienne uses the method of drawing introduced by Better Edawrds known as “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”. This is set of exercises designed to illustrate the right-hand side of the brain – the side of the brain used for drawing.

More of Vivennes’ artwork:
Boats Paintings and Drawings
Fish Paintings and Drawings
Flower Paintings and Drawings
French Paintings and Drawings
Landscape Paintings and Drawings
Object Paintings and Drawings
Portrait Drawings

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